Short Assignment 1: Romney Appears with Giullani (15)

With the Osama Bin Laden anniversary today, Romney stood in front of the New York audience and spoke in regards to 9/11 as well as the death of Bin Laden. After delivering a short speech, Romney stopped for questions. Of the first questions asked was if he would do the same if he was president and he said “Of course..[he] would.” Even though he said in 2007 that he did not feel it necessary to use millions of dollars just to catch one person, he has changed his mind. Romney is known for his indecisiveness character in which he has many times flipped from one opinion to the other. With this remark about the death of Osama Bin Laden, more skepticism will come as to his fitness for the presidency. During the questions session, a lady was heard yelling “Mitt Romney, you are a racist!” but the lady was not addressed. This aggressive behavior from a public member makes it evident that not everyone is happy with Romney. After the session ended, Guillani spoke on behalf of Romney saying that the “president certainly has a right to take credit, but should not use it as a source of negative campaigning.” With the recently ad released by the Obama campaign which target’s Romney and whether he would have done the same thing, Guillani said that was not the right move by the president and though he deserves the credit, he should not use it to sling mud at Romney.




Short Assignment 1: Clinton’s Big Role in Obama’s Campaign (14)

As tension raises in our country and as the days slowly countdown to Election Day, the presidential candidates’ campaigns are getting more tension as well. Clinton has been helping the incumbent in hopes of getting things moving forward. By drawing on Clinton’s past and his ex-status as a president, Obama is attempting to convince the public to stick to him. By using tactics in which people are asked to question whether Romney would have done the same as Obama before the death of Bin Laden, Obama’s Campaign is attempting to get people to use their heads to make this important decision instead of falling into the trap of rhetoric. On CNN, the talk show hosts talked about Clinton’s role in the Obama Campaign and talked about a current ad which was released in regards to Bin Laden’s death and Obama’s role in it. Even though Clinton has had to deal with many controversial situations as president, his credibility still stands. Obama’s use of Clinton’s credibility and authority will help him ensure that more votes are his than Romney’s.

Short Assignment 1: Obama vs. Romney: Big Divide (13)

With Santorum and Gingrich dropping out of the run for the Republican nominee, Romney is attempting to bring the two ex-candidates on his side for the presidential election. In the News Room on CNN, the talk show hosts talked about Romney, Santorum and Gingrich and how if the two were to join Romney’s side, they would benefit more personally than Romney. With the light focused on Romney, Santroum and Gingrich have gotten away from the media, but if they were able to support Romney in public, they could use this attention to convince the audience that they are not done. Romney would benefit as well by drawing upon the already established credibility of the candidates, he could win over their votes by convincing Santroum/Gingrich voters that their candidates  support him and they should too.

Short Assignment 1: President Obama’s Weekly Address (12)

With everyone talking about student loans and educating our generation, President Obama focused his weekly address on the veterans and education for them. Coming from a military school, it’s important for us to make the transitions from deployment to college as simple as possible, and that was the topic for today’s address. Obama spoke with persuasive rhetoric using words with strong connotations to  convince the audience that the “bad actors” who don’t do the right thing when it comes to students and veterans need to be dealt with. He mentioned a bill that was signed yesterday and left no doubt that it would change the current problem and help get the veterans the help and education they need. Making it easier for them to file complaints when being harassed by these “bad actors” and being given the information in regards to college cost  according to Obama will make the necessary changes needed to help those in need. When establishing a connection between the country and the veterans, he was able to ensure the public understood that not are the veterans being cheated but we are too.

Short Assignment 1: Romney and Rhetoric (11)

Today, Romney spoke to a college audience in Ohio about rhetoric and the economy. He told his public to be aware of rhetoric when listening to candidates for the presidency give speeches and to consider other attributes of the candidates as well. He told his audience to keep in mind the history each candidate has tied to their political careers. Romney used his credibility and authority as a tool to persuade his audience to be aware of President Obama’s last attempts to win the youth votes with his charismatic speeches and to consider what he has done for the country as well. Without using the President’s name in his speech, he was able to get his message across to the audience about the student loan cuts the president is attempting to pass to win over the college public. 

Short Assignment 1: Romney Talks Budget (10)

Today, Mitt Romney talked about the budget and how he plans on bring the country back to a balanced one. He stated that he wanted to cut an array of taxes, build up the Navy and Air Force and reduce tax loopholes. With elections up ahead, Romney’s “too-good-to-be-true” promises are a fail attempt at convincing his audience he means business. By saying he has the answer to the budget which has been an issue for years now, he is attempting to persuade his audience to vote for him. But because he fails to convince us that he really will be able to bring the nation back to a balanced budget, we see that he only shows that he isn’t serious about his presidency if given the chance. While having a balanced budget is very important, Romney fails to admit that it won’t happen over night.

Short Assignment 1: Obama, Bin Laden and Romney (9)

Today marks the one year anniversary of Osama Bin Laden’s death, but that doesn’t stop President Obama from making a statement in regards of Romney and Bin Laden. Using strong rhetoric, Obama stated that if Romney were in his place he would not have done the same. Romney did not appreciate the comment and a spoke person from his campaign used unity among the American public as a rhetorical device to point out that the president is only trying to “distract [the] voter’s attention from the failures of his administration.” By stating that the event of Bin Laden’s death was an unifying event that helped bring the states together, he was able to convince his audience that Obama is doing the opposite by using it to target Romney.