Short Assignment 1: Romney Appears with Giullani (15)

With the Osama Bin Laden anniversary today, Romney stood in front of the New York audience and spoke in regards to 9/11 as well as the death of Bin Laden. After delivering a short speech, Romney stopped for questions. Of the first questions asked was if he would do the same if he was president and he said “Of course..[he] would.” Even though he said in 2007 that he did not feel it necessary to use millions of dollars just to catch one person, he has changed his mind. Romney is known for his indecisiveness┬ácharacter in which he has many times flipped from one opinion to the other. With this remark about the death of Osama Bin Laden, more skepticism will come as to his fitness for the presidency. During the questions session, a lady was heard yelling “Mitt Romney, you are a racist!” but the lady was not addressed. This aggressive behavior from a public member makes it evident that not everyone is happy with Romney. After the session ended, Guillani spoke on behalf of Romney saying that the “president certainly has a right to take credit, but should not use it as a source of negative campaigning.” With the recently ad released by the Obama campaign which target’s Romney and whether he would have done the same thing, Guillani said that was not the right move by the president and though he deserves the credit, he should not use it to sling mud at Romney.