Short Assignment 1: Clinton’s Big Role in Obama’s Campaign (14)

As tension raises in our country and as the days slowly countdown to Election Day, the presidential candidates’ campaigns are getting more tension as well. Clinton has been helping the incumbent in hopes of getting things moving forward. By drawing on Clinton’s past and his ex-status as a president, Obama is attempting to convince the public to stick to him. By using tactics in which people are asked to question whether Romney would have done the same as Obama before the death of Bin Laden, Obama’s Campaign is attempting to get people to use their heads to make this important decision instead of falling into the trap of rhetoric. On CNN, the talk show hosts talked about Clinton’s role in the Obama Campaign and talked about a current ad which was released in regards to Bin Laden’s death and Obama’s role in it. Even though Clinton has had to deal with many controversial situations as president, his credibility still stands. Obama’s use of Clinton’s credibility and authority will help him ensure that more votes are his than Romney’s.


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