Short Assignment 1: President Obama’s Weekly Address (12)

With everyone talking about student loans and educating our generation, President Obama focused his weekly address on the veterans and education for them. Coming from a military school, it’s important for us to make the transitions from deployment to college as simple as possible, and that was the topic for today’s address. Obama spoke with persuasive rhetoric using words with strong connotations to  convince the audience that the “bad actors” who don’t do the right thing when it comes to students and veterans need to be dealt with. He mentioned a bill that was signed yesterday and left no doubt that it would change the current problem and help get the veterans the help and education they need. Making it easier for them to file complaints when being harassed by these “bad actors” and being given the information in regards to college cost  according to Obama will make the necessary changes needed to help those in need. When establishing a connection between the country and the veterans, he was able to ensure the public understood that not are the veterans being cheated but we are too.

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