Whether we are aware of it or not, we are constantly joining new publics and abandoning old ones when necessary. Publics allow people from different backgrounds (or not) to come together to construct a community with identical views on a specific topic. Publics allow people to feel as if they are apart of something bigger than themselves. We are constantly attempting to find ourselves and our identity. By public hopping, we are able to see what we like and what we feel strongly about. Publics and identities are constructed through the means of people communicating and finding things they have in common with someone else. The readings from this semester has helped me realize that whether you are part of the public or not, orators are always addressing a certain group in mind, whether it be a counterpublic or a public. Having the idea of publics and counterpublics in mind allows us to better communicate our ideas and our feelings for a certain topic. Because we find comfort in knowing that we belong to a certain group, publics allow us to have this feeling of belonging and needed. Not everyone is part of the same publics and counterpublics, so the diversity in backgrounds and publics helps us as a society grow and address issues we may not see otherwise. Overall, publics allow us the ability to communicate with our society on a deeper level as well as the ability to communicate what we find is important and worth talking about.



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