Short Assignment 1: Obama Pushes for “Buffett Rule” (7)

Today, President Barrack Obama spoke in Boca Raton in regards to the Buffett Rule which calls for higher income Americans paying more money in federal taxes than those who earn less. The president talked about college education and stated that the law would not help us, but help the employers because it would allow them to have more educated employees who would be better trained to do the job the way it should be done. Obama was able to connect with his audience and help them see the benefits of passing this “Buffett Rule.” Due to the current view on the health bill the president is attempting to pass, he stated that investing in old people isn’t what makes us weak, but when “productivity goes to only a few” hurts our prosperity and that it starts from the bottom not the top. While talking to a college public, he was able to get his point across that by increasing taxes on those with higher income will provide more money for students as loans and just more money to reduce debt. He stated that “we should make college more affordable” which helped connect with his public and helped gain support from the college students in the audience. By alluding to veterans and providing health care for them with the extra money from this law, he was able to generate even more support. Overall, he clarified what the rule concerned and how it would help his country progress in the right direction.

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