Protection and Lorde

In her essay, Lorde states that the master’s tool “may allow us temporarily to beat him at his own game, but they will never enable us to bring about genuine change” and this is only threatening to women who find support only from their master (112). Because black women have for so long found homes in the homes of their master, it may be hard for them to actually bring about change because if something were to change that may be better in the future, it may also mean for them to lose the only shelther they know of. This need for protection from their master keeps them from fighting against the injustices they must deal with on a daily basis, and prevents any future change. Protection and speech which can be seen as a master’s tool are both used by the master as a way of showing that they care enough to provide them with tools, but at the same time, these tools are useless when it comes to changing their future. The master’s methodology may be useful for the master himself, but they do very little for the “slaves.” Master’s tools is used as a term to describe the various methods the master may use as well as the various tools of shelter he may provide, but when it comes to change, they are  nothing for the master’s servants.



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