Short Assignment 1: Romney V. Russia (5)

Tonight on CNN, Erin Burnett, the host of “Erin Burnett OutFront” mentioned the open mic incident involving the President and the Russian President. Obama commented that he would have “more flexibility” after the elections. Being the year of elections, Romney was quick to criticize the President and stated that Russia was the  “number one geopolitical foe.” Using strong rhetoric, Romney made his point that the President should not be negotiating with the strongest country in Europe. But Boehner quickly commented in regards on Romney’s comment, saying that we should not criticize the president while he is abroad. With elections only 8 months away, this incident with President Obama and Mitt Romney’s comment may come back to hurt both candidates (that is, if Romney wins the Republican nomination). With everyone questioning the President and what else he could be planning after the election that he does not want the American public to know, his credibility is deeply stained with skepticism. Romney’s comment may ruin his chances of winning the Republican nomination if he is seen as someone who can’t control what comes out of his month and thus, hurts the image of America and the President. 


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