Short Writing Assignment 1: Scott Brown interview on CNN (3)

Scott Brown was on CNN for a live interview on Monday Night around 8:30pm. He was asked several questions regarding Romney and the presidential election. Piers Morgan commented about how Stantorum had an authenticity in the way he made speeches and shared personal stories to connect with the audience, and when asked whether Romney would be hurt for not having the same authenticity, Brown dodged the bullet by stating that Romney had the ability to act properly in the current economic situation, and no one else in Brown’s eyes was as fit for the job as Romney. Brown used words like “devout family man” to describe Romney and also stated Romney as having a “great sense of humor” which helped me as a viewer connect with Romney since for me family is very important and having a president with a great sense of humor though doesn’t really help him run the country better, I see that he isn’t always serious and knows how to make a joke. Brown also used statistics concerning the economy which established his credibility and his knowledge of the economy thus giving him for credit for where he is placing his vote for the 2012 presidential election.


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