Short Writing Assignment 1: Obama on mass shooting (2)

On Tuesday, Obama addressed the public on the mass shooting against Afghan civilians by an American soldiers and called it “outrageous.” He assured the public that America would continue to focus attention on Afghanistan and the terrorist groups that might gain popularity if American soldiers were to leave. Obama promised on conducting an investigation making sure the one responsible for the killings of innocent lives to be held accountable “with the full force of the law.” Using words like “childern” and “murdered,” the president attempted to connect with the Afghans and convey the message that Americans had also family by this act of violence against the civilians. The word “murder” conveyed the harshness of the event and saying that the person responsible would be convicted with the “full force of the law” established the way the punishment would be carried out against the so-called “American soldier” for his un-American act of killing civilians.


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