Truth and Rhetoric

Lorde, Truth and Astor are feminists who attempt to get the message across that women and men should have equal rights. They focus of their life experiences to convince the audience of what needs to be done. For instances, Lorde talks about Russia, Astor about England and Truth about situations where she hasn’t been treated like a “lady.” Sojourner Truth attempts to convey to the public that both the African Americans and women of the north are talking about suffrage and the white men will have to cave sooner or later. She uses the phrase “Ain’t I a woman” multiple times when talking about instances where she has had to “man up” yet she is still denied the right to vote.

Truth and Rhetorical Devices in Her Speech:

  • Repeats the phrase “Ain’t I a woman?” to convey to the audience that not only does she not have certain unalienable rights, but she also isn’t treated like a woman.
  • Uses terms like “childern” and “honey” to establish her authority over the audience.
  • Uses biblical allusions by saying “women can’t have as much rights as men, ’cause Christ wasn’t a woman!” to establish a connection with the Christian public in the audience.

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