The term “patriotism” is often used in speeches to bring about feelings of unity and pride in the audience that the orator is addressing. As Adlai Stevenson stated, patriotism “means putting country before self.” Using this term when needing the public to act creates an urgency  to take action and help the country collectively overcome the challenages ahead. Post-9/11, Geroge W. Bush was granted a 2nd chance to redeem himself as president, and by deploying words and feelings of patriotism, he established that he and the country would do anything to bring justice to the people that had lost loved ones on 9/11. He used the willingness of the American people to put others before self as a tool to unite the American people. By using stories about people that had sacrificed their lives for other people such as the passenagers of flight 93, and women who had lost their husbands to the terrorists who perverted the religion of Islam as Bush stated, he was able to get this public to not question his actions that in any other case would raise questions and hurt his autheniticity. These stories helped Bush establish himself as a leader of the American public and  helped created an autheniticity about his speeches and his ability to lead.

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